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Calculate the distance between longitudes and latitudes in PHP

Author: George Harrison-Webb


Creating an as the crow flies distance tool within PHP is very simple and it stops you needing to have to use APIs

Basic PHP knowledge

Using this Haversine formulae is quick to implement in only a few lines of code'
Haversine formula
Looks complex? - Let's break it down
First, take your longitudes and latitudes to compare distances from.
You could use an API to convert an address to long and lats

$lat1=*Your latitude*; $lng1=*Your longitude*; $lat2=*Your latitude*; $lng2=*Your longitude*;
We need to set the radius of the earth - here I am using 6,378,137km

$radius = 6378137;
Finally, using the following function, taking all the previously set variables, we will be using
the Haversine formulae to calculate the distance between the 2 given coordinates.

function computeDistance($lat1, $lng1, $lat2, $lng2, $radius) { static $x = M_PI / 180; $lat1 *= $x; $lng1 *= $x; $lat2 *= $x; $lng2 *= $x; $distance = 2 * asin(sqrt(pow(sin(($lat1 - $lat2) / 2), 2) + cos($lat1) * cos($lat2) * pow(sin(($lng1 - $lng2) / 2), 2))); $meters= $distance * $radius; $miles = round($meters * 0.00062137, 1); return $miles; }
After calling this function, it will give us the distance between 2 coordinates in miles, which you can of course adjust; depending on the measure you require

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